The Importance of a Signature

The Importance Of A Signature
If you have ever walked through an art gallery it is amazing that amount of talent that is expressed through the stroke of a brush. An artist that I always enjoy is Thomas Kinkade He has such away of really encapsulating you into his paintings. The light he paints literally looks like there is light shining from the oil based paint he uses as media. Since Kinkade began “painting with light” there has been many who have come after him and try to replicate the style. There is nothing like a real Kinkade. Thomas Kinkade includes his signature in two ways when painting such a masterpiece. His first signature is his style and the second is deeper than just the on the surface. As Kinkade became more and more popular he decided to do something very different. He took a strand of his hair to someone who was able to extract his DNA, they mixed his DNA in with the paint and then he would use that paint to sign his paintings. Therefore his paintings were authenticated with his style and his DNA thus making forgery impossible.
As Christians we need to be genuine children of God. Our signature needs to be pure and complete as God would desire. There are many people in the world who are not genuine Christians but do it simply for show, what separates us? Just as one walking through an art gallery is able to quickly recognize a Thomas Kinkade painting somebody walking through our life should recognize us as a child of God. What is our signature? What do people know us by? As we walk this life, day by day we build a reputation for ourselves. The reputation that we are building should be that of one who walks in the light “as He is the light” (1 John 1:7). Thomas Kinkade made a living painting light, we need to live our lives in The Light!