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Online devotionals and lessons with Tim Swenson.

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From the Elders...                         

No Sunday or Wednesday evening services are currently scheduled; however, Tim will continue presenting a Wednesday evening Bible class on our Facebook page. His lessons will be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube if you will feel safer worshipping at home.

According to the directives of our health officials, a number of adjustments in how we do things must happen to be in compliance will the new rules. In the interest of our health and safety, please observe the following behaviors and changes to allow our meetings to be in compliance with laws that exist for the public good.

  • Please feel free to bring your Bibles, but be aware we will not be using songbooks during this recovery period.
  • No food or drink should be brought into the building unless needed for medical reasons, and you may wish to consider whether to activate a water fountain for a drink.
  • The current rules disallow items being circulated within a church group, and this will cause some necessary changes in how we observe communion and giving.
  • Communion wafers and the fruit of the vine must now be self-contained in small packages. The wafer will be located on top of the small cup and opened separately. (You will be instructed on how to do this in the assembly).
  • One person will facilitate the communion thoughts instead of several. The communion packets will not be circulated but will be available upon entry on the table along with the hand sanitizer and face masks.
  • In addition, a basket or pail will be available at the rear table for your donations to support the church and its activities.
  • The communion will be at the end of the service to accommodate discarding the communion refuse in a garbage can as we leave the building.
  • Due to social distancing safeguards, we encourage visiting and fellowshipping to occur outside the church building, and not inside. We can all do our part to not clog up the entryway or foyer when entering and leaving the premises.
  • If you have a temperature, or feel ill, or have been in the presence of someone with the Coronavirus within the past 14 days, PLEASE stay home.
  • Social distancing is mandated. Avoid hugging or handshaking; please stay 6 feet away from others, and family groups should remain together when seated and with distances of at least 6’ to others.
  • Elbow touching as a greeting is acceptable.
  • You may feel free to wear a facemask if you wish to protect yourself and others, and some facemasks will be available on the table just inside the auditorium upon entering. In addition, hand sanitizer will be made available there as well.
  • Disinfecting and sanitation will occur after each meeting on all commonly touched surfaces. To facilitate sanitation, the classrooms, kitchen, and commons area will be closed to reduce possible contamination.
  • Due to sanitation concerns, we will only use the front door entry and all other doors will remain locked.
  • A number of folding chairs will be available for worship service because they can be easily moved about as may be needed for social distancing, and they will be much easier to disinfect after meetings.

We realize our typical worship practices are in need of change as we progress through an uncommon health crisis, and this may be uncomfortable. But it is responsible behavior to respect the health and needs of our church family as we realize it is possible to carry and spread a terrible and potentially lethal disease without knowing.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Lander church of Christ and our mission programs. Please bear with us as we strive toward normalcy in our lives.

Update on Bible Classes and Studies:

Beginning on Sunday, July 12, from 9:30-10:30, we will be starting up ‘some’ of our Bible classes! The teens and adults will meet in the auditorium for a study from the book “The Church of Christ” by Tim Alsup. Tim Swenson will be facilitating this particular study. If you are interested in obtaining this book prior to the start-up of the study, it’s available on Amazon.com

Elementary school-age children (grades K-5) will be meeting in the teen classroom for a study on the ABCs of Acts. Atha Quinn will be facilitating this particular study.

At this time, there will be NO scheduled Bible studies on Sunday evenings or on Wednesday evenings at the building. However, Tim Swenson is offering a small group or individual study on Sunday evenings using the material “Searching for Truth.” Please text or call Tim Swenson for more information about this particular class.

Also, Tim Swenson will continue to host on-line daily devotionals on our Facebook page along with an on-line Wednesday night Bible study at 7pm.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the shepherds or Tim Swenson.